What Have We Done This Year

This year has been filled with highs and lows.

With the political uncertainty, it has been difficult to formulate a plan for the future direction.

I have been busy tending the livestock, loosing lambs to premature birth, weather and other mysterious happenings. #ridgecottagejacobssheep #jacobssheep

Building the new website became an urgent task due to the old one becoming unsupported in the evolving times.

Restoration work on a clients house has kept my busy most of the summer along with a few little jobs in between. #bespoketimberframe #artisanwoodworking

The Basic Spoon Carving course has been great fun teaching, leaving all of the students enthused and for filled after the experience of visiting the Riverside Project site. #spooncarvingonexmoor

Work on our own house restoration, has been a little slow in part due to being busy. Next year more progress will be made.

Many thanks for following our progress wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2020




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